Well we all know rooting does something extra for a=our android cell phones but most us have no idea why its so much better or worse (for some cases).

We start with why its bad for you since they are a lot fewer than why its good for you.
Voids the warranty if you root then flash your ROM, or send it back for a replacement without unrooting.
Possibility of bricking your phone.
Turns off the security on your phone
Miss use of root for downloading illegal content or hacking purposes. (If you are smart enough its pretty easy to avoid this one)

That’s it! That’s all i could come up with. Everything else would fall under these categories. Some people complain about slower speeds but i have not seen that especially with

Now for the All the advantages of rooting your phone. brace yourselves there are a few. I will do my best to explain all the technical terms for those new to this technology.

You can flash your ROM (PERFORMANCE UPDATES)
Get Loads of crazy apps not normally allowed on your android. (WiFi)
Get rid of apps that you hate which came on your phone when purchased.
Control the clock speed of your processor

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