Car Screening Portal
An advanced high-throughput scanning system for superior detection of hidden threats in cars and small vehicles. The CarView system simultaneously produces two images of the top-down view of the vehicle: a high-quality, dual-energy transmission image that highlights metallic threats, and a photo-like Z Backscatter® image that highlights organic threats and contraband. The relocatable, cost-effective system is ideal for securing special events and parking garages, as well as high-threat facilities, government buildings, and vital checkpoints.
The CarView portal offers high-throughput screening for as many as 400 passenger vehicles per hour and can image vehicles moving as fast as 13 miles per hour. The relocatable CarView system meets the physical requirements of standard tollbooth lanes, and adheres to international standards for radiation protection.


Under Vehicle inspection System
Gadgetmend UVIS offers you the world's leading technology in Under Vehicle Inspection Systems. Our unique technology offers many advantages due to the use of LED infrared lighting, such as the best possible lighting technology for Under Vehicle Inspection Systems, no sensitivity to sunlight, long life, low power consumption, and, contrary to halogen, invisible to the 'audience'. Designed to provide a crystal clear image of the underside of the vehicle - from small cars to trucks up to 60 feet. Unbeaten quality of the images. Day and night.

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