Our Commitment to Continual Improvement

GM believes that the continual improvement of everything we do is essential to meeting our customers’ needs and the long-term viability and credibility of the company. Our commitment to Business Improvement will:
Deliver superior added value to our customers
Develop a financially stronger organisation
Provide a challenging and satisfying work environment for our people
Create more effective partnerships with our suppliers
Earn the respect and recognition for business excellence from all who engage with GM.

Quality Management System

To achieve the goals listed above, GM will continue to maintain a Quality Management System which aims to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 as relevant to our solution offerings and any other legal, regulatory and safety standards required of us as an organisation. This compliance is certified on an annual basis.

Quality Manual

GM's Quality Manual consists of all of the documentation contained in the Continual Business Improvement section of our croud It sets out the overall approach to quality achievement and improvement, and the detailed quality policies.


The QMS documentation applies to all staff at all GM locations. This policy statement covers all activities, products and services of GM’s operations throughout Kenya, U.S.A and U.K. The policy has been developed with consideration given to existing international standards, national and state legislation, and our organisation’s vision and core values.

Review of Quality Objectives

As a Company we will regularly monitor and report on our quality performance. GM will also evaluate and revise our quality management system at least annually, to assess whether desired outcomes are being achieved against specific objectives and targets.

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