The intention of a successful ERP system is that it provides a single locus for real-time access to virtually all significant organizational data that only has to be entered once into the system. With the outcome of benefits such as cost reductions, improved productivity, better managerial decision-making, and facilitation of process or structural change.

As a company offering ERP services we provide you with a range of ERP products from low cost off the shelf products, to high end licensed fully integrated system with the choice of as many modules as you require.

For a successful ERP implementation we do recommend conducting a feasibility study on the implementation (Low cost). We achieve this by studying the following factors adopted from accredited professionals:
• System quality relates to the desired features and characteristics of the information system itself.
• Information quality concerns the characteristics of the information produced by the system.
• Use and user satisfaction are concerned with the interaction between the information produced by the system and the recipients.
• Individual impact relates to the extent to which the information produced by the system influences or affects management decisions.
• Organizational impact measures the effect of the information produced by the system on organizational performance.

We have had a huge success rate with our ERP implementations and hope you will give us the opportunity to integrate your business.

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