For many organsiations the cost of infrastructure in the form of in-house servers, routers, switches, firewalls, proxies etc remains a hinderance in implementing good IT systems for their organisations.

At GM we understand this and we believe hosting your IT systems in the cloud will not only give organisations a more robust system but will also prove to be a much more cost effective solution. Cloud based infrastructures are also easier to scale in response to the growing business needs of an organisation. We offer consultancy and procurement in the following areas:

DtaaS (Desktop as a Service): This service proves to be a cost effective solution for organisations of every size. DtaaS gives your organisation a virtual desktop with all data and application storage requirements fullfilled online. Not only does this reduce costs of buying individual applications and data stores but also allows an employee to work from any computer. DaaS implemented correctly also offers great security advantages over conventional systems.

SaaS (Software as a Service): For organisations that need particular applications such as CRM and ERP systems however do not wish to deploy infrastructure in their physical locations. The SaaS model allows for GM to deploy the systems on our partner infrastructures taking away the huge maintenance and management resources these systems require whilst allowing your organisation to concentrate on your business objectives.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): After the design of your network, we can build the whole topology on the cloud including servers, firewalls, storage, load balancers etc. For organisations looking to move to the cloud we can replicate your existing network on the cloud. This is our BYON (Bring Your Own Network) service.
AtaaS (Authentication as a Service): For organisations looking to deploy secure entry systems such as swipe cards for physical access or factored authentication for logical access onto corporate networks, we can host the authentication servers online. This allows for a better managed system for access control and negates downtime associated with this equipment being hosted on your physical environment.
DaaS ( Data as a Service): For organisations that are looking to release some of their data to identify opportunities, we can help by not only hosting and managing the data on appropriate portals but also identifying data sets that the data can be used with to provide valuable information.

Our experience in cloud computing ranges from private clouds to public clouds and various tenancy models. We are experienced in designing high end segregated private clouds to multitenant systems.

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