Information generated by a business is always the primary asset and the more business specific information an organisation attains, the more it is able to create an advantage against its competitors. Traditionally the process of attaining information has been to buy data sets from market research companies. As more devices go online, the data generated from this devices is unmanageable for most organisations and so due to lack of expertise and the high storage requirements this data posses, most organisations completely disregard this data.

At GM we have devised a structured solution to identify:

Business Critical Data: Information that will lead to growth in revenue from existing business functions.
Workflow Data: This is data, that will increase efficiency within an organisation. One of the benefits here is that organisations are able to identify processes that can be automated across multiple departments.
Security Data: This is data from both security network appliances as well as non-security data such as social media related together to better understand the organisational threat landscape and the effects of business processes on security.
GAP Data: This is data that will identify gaps in current business offerings and allow the organisation to diversify into other areas of business.
Sell-able Data: One company's data is another's information. Data that does not serve any purpose to an organisations' business processes may be sold to provide an additional source of revenue.

We have a varied skill set with consultants working on high-end industrial SCADA systems as well as enterprise systems.

Most analytics consultancies only focus on consumers with large data-sets however at GM for organisations that have newly adopted to technical infrastructures and do not have access to data held by larger competitors we perform analytics by mapping their business processes onto an array of sector specific data sets that we have access to.

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