Application development is of primal importance for any organization wishing to compete in a highly mobile world. Whether it be for in-house workflow processes or for CRM and marketing processes, mobile and web applications give organizations an edge in interacting with their clients.

Most organizations however do not understand the complexity of the challenges to consider when building a mobile or web application. Mobile apps are hosted on mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry, IOS and Windows. Due to the various architectures design principles for example for Android (an open system) are very different from IOS (a closed system).

Another trend that companies are now catching on is by building web applications for social media sites such as Facebook. With over 1 billion users FB applications not only offer good marketing opportunities but may also prove to be a source of revenue:

At GM we will make sure that the application appropriate reflects your business and customer requirements by providing a full service based on:

UI (User Interface) Design: A well presented and layered interface always proves to make the difference between customers choosing to use a product.
Security Concerns: Android being an open system is notorious for malware and back-doors. Depending on the kind of application a client wants to deploy, we perform a risk analysis addressing al security concerns prior to application build.
Hosting: Considerations need to be put in-place to host the applications in stable environments.
Social media and Marketing Integrations: Considerations need to be put in-place to expand user engagement with the applications, this can include Facebook and Linkedin sign ins. At GM we have a structured social media and marketing strategy based on specific typed of applications.
Data Management: Mobile applications may be able to use alot of the phones hardware such as GPS to measure customer engagement. Our consultancy service will enable businesses to identify that data generated and as per our Data Analytics service, we can take over the management, information extraction and asset creation of this data.

Every software build is built with consideration by CSSLP ( Certified Secure Lifecycle Professional) guidelines. We also use guidelines from SDL (secure development lifecycle) and OWASP ( Open Web Application Security Project)

Mobile app development is a complex task that requires basic fundamental understanding of the platform whether it is iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7. But especially you really need to be clear about the Software Development Kit or the SDK, as well as how the SDK actually works and performs.

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